Signs Configuration

Step 1

  1. Stop the server.

  2. Go to plugins directory (server-root/plugins/HolographicPlaceholders)

  3. Open the file named signs.yml


Step 2

On top of the file, you'll see a comment with placeholders (replacements) that you can use on signs text.

# Placeholders you can use in sign texts:
# {position} - Position in number user is on
# {player} - Returns player name
# {value} - Gets replaced with value like money

After that you'll see example of configurations for signs.

'%statistic_deaths%': # Name of configuration
1: #Top 1 user on leaderboard will use this sign configuration
- "&bTop 1"
- "&e{player}"
- "&fDeaths: &e{value}"
- "&f=========="
2: #Top 3 user on leaderboard will use this sign configuration
- "&bTop 2"
- "&b{player}"
- "&fDeaths: &e{value}"
- "&f=========="
- "&bTop 3"
- "&d{player}"
- "&fDeaths: &e{value}"
- "&f=========="
default: # All other users not defined with positions will use this configuration
- "&bTop {position}"
- "&7{player}"
- "&fDeaths: &e{value}"
- "&f=========="

You can see there is name of configuration and 4 sections to it, three of them are numbered and one that says default. You can now copy this configuration and change its name to name of addon you specified in config.yml, follow the PAPi Examples configuration tutorial. After that you can add as many of numbered configurations as you want but make sure you have the default one to or signs will just be empty when plugin tries to display data on them.

Step 3

Start the server and build the signs where you want the leaderboard. After you finished building your leaderboard you can start setting the signs that plugin needs to update. To do that you have to point your crosshair onto sign (block has to be selected) then you type the next command:

/hpe setsign <name of addon (PAPi placeholder)> <position on leaderboard (1,2,3,4...)>

Similar command is used for setting heads (point at head) type:

/hpe sethead <name of addon (PAPi placeholder)> <position on leaderboard (1,2,3,4...)>

After that, you should see sign update after like 10 seconds or the delay you specified in config.yml

If you want to remove the sign you have to select the block (point at it with crosshair) and type the next command

Similar command is used for removing heads (point at head) type:

/hpe removehead <name of addon (PAPi placeholder)>

/hpe removesign <name of addon (PAPi placeholder>